Parent Information

What to know about Early Childhood Programs

The Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care (EEC) licenses all programs that work with young children. Regulations set the maximum ratio for ages 3 to 7 at 2 adults to 20 children in a group. Programs with lower ratios can provide a safer environment for children with more opportunities for interactions, observations and individual attention.

Teachers working in the field of Early Childhood Education are required to be certified by the state (EEC). Teachers need to complete one course in child development with nine months of experience to obtain certification. Schools that include degreed teachers with portfolio and/or experience in the field of education can raise the level of quality and professionalism for an Early Childhood Education program.

Programs that are successful in retaining staff provide a more stable and consistent environment for children.

How to enroll your Child

Enrollment requirements vary for each school. Parents need to contact individual schools for information regarding tuition, schedules and other requisites.

Parents are invited to first make a visit to Avon Children’s Center. A personalized tour of the facility during operation can be scheduled. Drop ins are welcome. Children may accompany parents or visit at a later date. There is a one time charge for registration during orientation. Orientation can be conducted anytime. Children can be enrolled throughout the year. Tuition is based upon the schedule selected by the parents. There is a full time schedule for the week; a full day routine for families that need two or more days and a part time, three hour program that runs am or pm throughout the week.

Parents can choose a Program schedule that bests fits their needs.

Parents can secure their schedule and set their start date during orientation. A member of the teaching team at Avon Children’s Center will review and provide all the necessary materials for parents. A comprehensive run through of the Parent Handbook is provided during the meeting. Specific needs are addressed with each parent. This includes any medical requirements for the child, behavior management practice or any other individual needs of the child.