Kindergarten And Preschool

Call 508 580 2572

Convenient Location

3 minutes from Rt 28 & Rt 24 in Avon

Open All Year

7:30 am – 5:30 pm

Children ages

2.9 to 8 years


$46 – $215 / week

Philosophy and Goals

The Avon Children’s Center was established to provide a high quality childcare service. Children who develop good social skills project a positive self image. Our program emphasizes development of peer relationships, cooperation and the importance of learning through play. The schools goal is to advance child development. The program promotes a child’s self control, creative expression, cognitive skills, language and physical confidence through that inherent love for learning.

Glenn Peterson, President Quality Preschool, Inc. Quality Preschool, Inc.

Growth and Development

Avon Children’s Center was founded in 1986. The building was custom designed and built specifically for the Early Education Program. The school has maintained its Accreditation by the National Association For the Education Of Young Children since 1992. (NAEYC)

Two classrooms provide children with a comfortable setting for a relatively small group. Developmental activity centers were incorporated into the classroom design to provide for all areas of growth.

The learning centers cover aspects of growth in gross and fine motor development. Artistic expression, writing, sensory exploration, language, speech and cognitive development are provided for throughout the classroom.

Children are encouraged to choose areas of interest. Teachers plan curriculum and materials to provide children with experience across all areas of development.

Materials chosen for each center foster growth and provide experience in their respective area of development.

Outside Play Areas

The Open Space at the school is designed in part to provide an area for field games and other activities requiring a spacious open terrain.

The main playground or ‘Outdoor Classroom’ was designed to resemble the school’s classrooms which incorporate various areas for development or learning centers. Children choose materials that are placed in particular locations throughout the day.

The Nature Trail is a unique feature of the program. Walks on the Nature Trail provide children with the experience of being on a field trip.

The Outside Areas are utilized through the year. Parents can check the Summer Program for a complete description of the outside Play Areas.