Individualized Approach

The curriculum is designed to meet the needs of the group and individuals within the program. This includes material selection to expand children’s experience in all areas of development.

Observational assessment is utilized to characterize children’s skill level. A developmental approach reinforces children’s growth through concrete experience.

Emphasis is placed on use of language for communication of one’s needs, problem solving and conflict resolution. The small group setting provides young children with a comfortable social stage for learning about others and oneself.

Material selection and curriculum activities follow a weekly theme during the school year. Teachers plan together in advance. Monthly staff meetings track program progress. Changes are made to refine activities to meet children’s needs.

Teachers take a developmental approach allowing children to advance their skills at their own pace.The Outside Areas are utilized throughout the year as part of the daily routine. The Nature Trail, Open Space and Outdoor Classroom areas are a unique feature of the program.

Parents are invited to look under Programs for information regarding hours of operation and schedules.

Implementation of criteria used to promote development is taken from the National Association For Young The Education Of Young Children. (NAEYC) These standards span across all areas of growth and development which include: health, cognition, language, math, science, fine and gross motor, emotional and social.